Latest News from the Union buildings – Chief Khoisan SA


Day 182 – 31 May 2019


The KHOISAN6 have been peacefully protesting at the Union Buildings for 6 months, awaiting an audience with the President. This week security at the UB were instructed to confiscate  some of their belongings, including their gas cooker they use to prepare their meals. The water and electricity around their campsite has also been switched off. Security advised they are acting On instructions given to them!

King Khoisan SA has made it very clear that they will not end their protest until they have had an audience with President Ramaphosa.

Please share this post !!! and visit if you are able to assist the KHOISAN6 by way of donations of food, water, power banks, bedding, cash donations, toiletries etc.

King Khoisan SA 064-101-2160
He’s also available via Whatsapp